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"Where are the ground-breaking shoe care products for the sneaker scene?”
wondered Hikmet Sugoer, leading authority on sneakers and founder of Solebox and the Sonra sneaker brand

Hikmet was not satisfied with the products on offer in sneaker stores and was on the lookout for a manufacturer that puts its smartest thinkers to work not only in marketing, but in product development as well.

And he found: Collonil.

A long-established Berlin company, we have been setting standards in shoe care since 1909. Our research and development department has come up with innovative developments that have taken the industry by storm, such as the first shoe care sprays, application sponges for shoe polish, waterproofing sprays with high-tech ingredients, and even care products based on organic raw materials. 

Hikmet’s wealth of experience in developing and marketing sneakers, his insider knowledge of the sneaker community, and Collonil’s expertise in developing shoe care and leather care products were the ingredients for our collaboration on a new sneaker care range that includes everything you need to waterproof, clean and care for your sports shoes.

For Hikmet Sugoer, it is about more than this: “This is not just about a major player tapping into a new market segment. It is about truly understanding the market niche and supporting the community with the best products possible.” Hikmet’s statement struck a real chord with us and sums up our approach to product development. Two Berlin icons have found their perfect match and are now blazing a common trail in sneaker care.

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