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The story of COLLONIL is a true Berlin story. The foundation of the company´s success began in two small rooms in the Köpenicker Straße in Berlin in 1909.

After the business started to flourish, all three founders – Karl Esslen and the Salzenbrodt-brothers expanded the company and moved into a location situated in the Schlesische Straße 12. They moved once again in 1921, this time to Mühlenbeck which was in the Eastern part of Berlin and about 5 kilometres away.

After World War II, the Salzenbrodt-brothers decided to relocate to the Western part of Berlin because economic success there was a lot more promising for creative businessmen like them. The Esslen family did not follow the Salzenbrodt-brothers and so Collonil became a true family business which was transformed to become Salzenbrodt GmbH & Co. KG.

The head office of the company was then established in Wittenau, near Berlin, on a 14.000 m² factory site. Until today, this is where the company´s headquarters and the production facilities are situated.

Although COLLONIL products are distributed internationally to more than 80 countries, COLLONIL attaches great importance to the fact that, even after over 100 years of business, their products are "Made in Germany" – a feature that stands for the products´ highest quality standards and reliability. Comprehensive research, scientific expertise, utilisation of cutting-edge technologies and high quality raw materials are just some of the features that make COLLONIL stand out.

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