The Straight Stepper. Fixes Unevenly Worn Heels.


” Pedag CORRECT ” heel wedges with slight inner or outer rim elevation.

  • Anatomically shaped heel wedge
  • For bow-leg posture: insert as outer edge elevation
  • For X-leg posture: insert as inner rim elevation
  • Made of vegetable tanned sheep leather with light latex pad
  • Self-adhesive point for fixing in the shoe
  • Approx. 8 mm outer rim height
  • Hand made by Pedag

If your heels are worn down unevenly, pedag CORRECT straight stepper gently corrects the step. Its anatomical shape provides better biomechanical support for the foot and stabilizes the heel.

Pedag CORRECT gently corrects misalignments of the heel. Crooked heels indicate a tilted ankle joint axis. If the outer edge of the shoe is worn (excessive supination = outward edging), place the wedge height to the outside. If the shoe is worn under the big toe & inside of the heel (overpronation = too much inward edging), place the wedge height to the inside

Pedag CORRECT also compensates for a tendency to knock knees or bow knees: For knock knees, place pedag Correct on the inner edge of the heel with the high side, for bow knees on the outer edge.

Sizing : S=35/37  M= 38/40 L= 41/43  XL= 44/46 Content one pair

Made in Germany


S, M, L, XL