Ultra Heel


ULTRA HEEL – Soft Gel Heel Cup.


Gel heel cup

Ultra Heel

 The viscoelastic gel insole for the heel provides perfect heel cushioning during sports, at work and in everyday life. The Ultra Heel can alleviate your heel pain, as two different soft zones optimally distribute the pressure: the light gel cushions the heel, the blue spot cushions the heel bone particularly relieving.

  • has a soothing effect
  • cushions the loaded heel very well
  • can alleviate knee, hip joints and spine stress when walking & running on hard surfaces
  • can alleviate heel spur or Achilles Tendon complaints
  • self-adhesive in the shoe, yet easy to change from shoe to shoe
  • hand washable, vegan
  • made of medical silicone gel

The heels have to bear most weight when walking and standing. Heel pain is often the result. The soft gel heel cups are first aid and prophylaxis at the same time, the medical silicone gel in two different degrees of softness optimally cushions the heels and absorbs shock waves. Simply insert into the back of the shoe.

If necessary, you can simply rinse the vegan heel cup under clear water and let it dry in the air. And again it will be hygienically clean with the added comfort in leisure, sports and work shoes.

Made in Germany by Pedag