How to properly clean & care for leather furniture

Leather furniture lends an elegant touch to any room. This noble material exudes naturalness, and as natural material, leather gives sofas and armchairs a fully individual touch. But what happens when stains and the first signs of wear through daily use start to show? Many turn frequently to household remedies, only to realise that these damage the leather furniture. To ensure that you get pleasure from your high-quality leather furniture for years to come, we wish to present you with our care products for leather furniture items. All products can naturally be ordered in the Collonil online shop and used within only a few working days.

The backrests, armrests and seating surfaces of leather furniture are the parts subject to the greatest strain. In addition to signs of wear and tear, these surfaces can also become dirty. All the more reason to clean leather furniture regularly, and follow this with a meticulous care treatment. Otherwise, the leather loses its elasticity and the colours lose their luminosity.

Did you know, that autumn is the best time of the year for cleaning and caring for leather furniture? Strong UV light puts a real strain on leather, and when the heating is turned on in the winter, the air inside the home becomes dry. Before then, leather furniture must undergo an extensive protective treatment to avoid any cracks and abrasion. Detergents and leather conditioners put important nutrients back into the leather.


Leather furniture is not always classic but can also be modern and colourful. This makes choosing the right care product even more important.

Cleaning leather sofas

No matter how much care is taken, stains can still appear on leather seating. In this case, you must act immediately and remove the stains with an absorbent cloth. A leather sofa only looks elegant if it is regularly cared for and cleaned. In order to keep dirt at bay, before the regular cleaning operation, we recommend using a stain repellent for leather furniture. In the Collonil online shop, you will find an array of spray-on and liquid protective products, which prevent stains from penetrating into the leather.

If your leather sofa has become stained, you should immediately fetch a damp cloth. In particularly bad cases, soak the cloth with a re-oiling cleaning lotion. You should not, under any circumstances, rub the surface with force, as this will damage the leather considerably and cause scratches. Particular care should be taken when cleaning suede. If any drops of oil or fat land on the leather sofa, we recommend our highly effective Cleaner Spray against oil stains. In just a few seconds, the stain will disappear from smooth leather or suede.


Every piece of leather furniture…


…has the ability to dictate…


…the mood of a room.

Cleaning leather seating

Whether in the car or in the home, leather furniture are always impressive! Leather armchairs and stools are still objects to be used and not merely looked at. Consequently, leather chairs only maintain their elegance if they are lovingly cleaned and cared for. With a little time, effort and devotion and the right detergents, you can keep them in mint condition in your living room or study for decades.

If leather seating has become faded and shows signs of wear, it is best to use a pigmented cleaning and care product. Stubborn dirt such as ball-point pen marks, disappear with a special stain remover. For the lasting treatment of faded areas, an impregnating agent with colour particles is useful.