Cleaning Ugg Boots – How to care for your favourite lambskin boots

When the first snow begins to fall, the time for cuddly UGG Boots has arrived. These comfy lambskin boots keep your feet cosy and warm, while also looking great. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine life without these trendy shoes. To ensure that your UGG Boots are part of your winter wardrobe for longer, we will give you a few tips for cleaning and caring for your UGG Boots correctly.

UGG Boots are made from high-quality leather. As natural by-products, hides and sheep’s wool form the basis of these boots. The soft lambskin fibres insulate feet even when it is fiercely cold. The suede outer leather is a real eye-catcher. On cold days, lambskin offers the best protection against the elements.

To ensure that feet and shoes remain presentable throughout the whole winter, Ugg Boots require plenty of attention and care. Firstly, we need to ensure that the matte look of the suede is maintained. Secondly, these lambskin boots should be protected against the cold. Road salt, melt water and temperature fluctuations put the natural lambskin material under significant strain. For this reason, regular cleaning and care are essential.

Cleaning Ugg Boots – How to effectively clean lambskin boots

The classic Ugg Boot is essentially made like a glove. The sheep’s wool clings softly to the skin, and the sole is only slightly shaped. The leather used for the exterior of the boots is predominantly high-quality suede and is thus porous. Before lambskin boots are worn outside for the first time, therefore, they must be impregnated. Otherwise, you will quickly start to notice signs of use. And then the Ugg Boot will unfortunately live up to its name.

For the best results, Ugg Boots should always be cleaned first of all with a cleaning brush or the Nubuck Box from Collonil for nubuck leather. This perks up the leather structure again. Rough dirt can be brushed off through gentle rubbing. It is important to keep the boot dry. If not, you may work the dirt particles into the leather. Less is more here: otherwise the suede may lose its structure.

After cleaning, leave the lambskin boots to dry for at least 24 hours. This allows water to evaporate from the lambskin fibres. Ugg Boots are sensitive to light and heat, so never place them in the sun. If you clean the Ugg Boots, always be sure to work on both boots. Every time you clean them, the lambskin fibres lose pigment and become paler.

If your Ugg Boots are very dirty, Collonil’s BAMBOO LOTION is the perfect solution. Using this product, dirt can be removed with extreme ease. The bamboo extract also prevents the material from drying out. Any recommendations to wash the sensitive lambskin boots with water should be ignored: this will make your Ugg Boots truly ugly!

Caring for Ugg Boots – Impregnation

Lambskin boots are attractive but susceptible to the weather. Winter is a real challenge for Ugg Boots. Streets are covered with chemicals and road salt to melt ice. After a short time, salt stains may appear on the porous suede of your boots. Impregnating your Ugg Boots is therefore a must: then you can simply wipe water marks and salt stains away with a damp, lint-free cloth.

Specially developed impregnation sprays keep your sensitive Ugg Boots in shape for longer and preserve their unusual aesthetic. The more frequently you use the spray, the more your shoes will thank you. Collonil offers a special impregnation spray for fashionable lambskin boots. This protects against water, snow and salt stains while simultaneously taking care of the leather: valuable oils replace lost nutrients and freshen up the colours. The lambskin boots should be sprayed evenly and completely at a distance of 20-30 centimetres. As soon as the surface is damp, leave the boots to dry for several hours. Marks will soon appear if the material is completely soaked. Now the Ugg Boots require 24 hours to dry in a dark, cool place.

Shoe creams and fluid care products should only be used in exceptional situations. They cannot be distributed evenly across the rough leather, and the fibre structure will become sticky. With an impregnation spray for lambskin boots, you can prevent this. After the boots have completely dried, work these with a soft brush, thus restoring the characteristic appearance of your Ugg Boots.

Care tips

Step 1: leave your Ugg Boots to dry

Let wet boots dry before cleaning, so that dirt particles are not worked into the leather.

If the dirt is more substantial, try brushing the leather with a CLEANING BRUSH. Again, always go in the same direction as the scales and use very light pressure.

Note: Python is extra-sensitive due to its unique structure.

Step 2: cleaning

Clean both shoes at the same time, so that no differences in colour arise.

Dry cleaning

Remove rough dirt from dry boots with a soft brush, such as the SUEDE-BOY or NUBUCK BOX. This simultaneously perks up the leather structure.

Damp cleaning

When dealing with stubborn dirt, spray the BAMBOO LOTION on your Ugg Boots. Afterwards, brush them with the CLEANING BRUSH.

Step 3: impregnation

After every cleaning, refresh the impregnation. Spray FASHION BOOTS on your boots outside or in a well ventilated room at a distance of 30cm, covering the boots evenly. Repeat this step as soon as the Ugg Boots have dried.

Thanks to the additional protective action of the impregnation spray, the leather will be supplied with nutrients and the colours will be freshened up. Your Ugg Boots will require no further care products.