What are some benefits to buying foot care products? 

When you feel comfortable in your shoes you can usually get more out of your day. Feeling discomfort and pain while on your feet effects your mood and how active you are that day.

That’s why at Austra Selections we believe that investing in the right foot care product should make your feet and in turn your whole body and mind feel at ease no matter what the day has in store for you.

So whether you require a heel pad to ease the discomfort associated with heel spurs or a carbon infused insole to help minimise foot odour due to excessive sweating- we have a great range of products for your to choose from.

Are there products available to help with ill fitting shoes? 

There are many options to help with improving the fit of shoes. Some shoes require extra support to make it feel just right. Not all shoes come in half sizing, that’s when shoe inserts come in.  There are full length leather or foam insoles for shoes that are a size too large. These full length insoles are also used to help provide a cushioned surface for the foot which provides extra comfort.

However, not all shoes require a full length insole, this is when a half length insole or a demi insole comes into play. These are ideal for shoes that feel larger around the toe area.