Do Leather Shoes Need Protection Spray?

If you own a pair of leather sneakers, boots, loafers, formal shoes or even slippers, you need to take good care of them. Leather is a luxurious and durable material, but they will lose their prized quality gradually if worn often or neglected. Time spent in the harsh Australian weather will cause leather shoes to toughen and crack in changing dry and humid conditions. Daily use of leather shoes exposes them to wear and tear, not to mention dirt and stains picked up from the outside environment.

Leather shoes are an investment that can go a long way if you consider giving them adequate care and use a protection spray.

Benefits of Applying Protector Spray On Leather Shoes

Prevention is better than cure. By using a quality leather protector spray, you are setting yourself up for a pair of long lasting leather shoes. Leather protector spray coats your leather shoes with a thin layer of protection rendering them water and dirt resistant. The protector spray lasts for a few weeks before you need to apply a fresh coat of protection on the leather again. This means your leather shoes stay cleaner and resistant to water for longer. During routine cleaning and maintenance, less effort is needed for a deep clean. Too much elbow grease on your leather shoes may also damage the integrity of the material. With a layer of leather protector spray, the leather stays clean and conditioned for longer, extending the durability of your shoes.

Which Leather Protector Spray Works Best For My Shoes

Depending on the colour and type of your leather shoes, you can choose a protector spray with a similar finish to enhance the shade and shine of the material. You can also choose to use wax, gels or creams if sprays are not preferred. Care for your shoes and add a leather shoe protector spray to your cart now.

At Austra, we carry a wide range of leather protection sprays to suit various types of leather shoes. We also have separate categories for leather bags lovers as well as sneaker heads to pamper their precious collections and keep them waterproof.