Do Leather Shoes Need Protection Spray?

If you own a pair of leather sneakers, boots, loafers, formal shoes or even slippers, you need to take good care of them- and that usually starts by waterproofing & protection. Exposure to moisture from being out in the rain, or accidentally spilling a drink will stain leather if the leather has not been treated with a good quality waterproofer. Staining will occur when the leather, suede or textile does not have a protective barrier. This makes the material vulnerable to liquid, oil/grease and dirt penetrating into the deeper layers. As a result stubborn and hard to remove stains are formed. Collonil waterproofers will not only create a protective barrier against substances, it will also maintain the natural breathability of the material. This will over time preserve the original texture and colour of the leather.

Leather shoes are an investment that can go a long way if you consider giving them adequate care by using a waterproofing and protection spray.

Benefits of Applying Protector Spray On Leather Shoes

Prevention is better than cure. By using a quality leather protector/ waterproofing spray, you are setting yourself up for a pair of long lasting shoes. Leather protector spray creates a semi-permeable layer of protection rendering them water and dirt resistant. Once the material as been treated, less effort is needed to clean your shoes later on. Too much elbow grease on your leather shoes may also damage the integrity of the material. We recommend re-applying a waterproofer after every 12-15 wears to maintain the waterproofing effect.

Which Leather Protector Spray Works Best For My Shoes

This depends on the material of your shoes. You can also choose to use a non-aerosol waterproofer like a lotion or gel if sprays are not preferred. Care for your shoes and add a leather shoe protector spray to your cart now.

At Austra Selections , we carry a wide range of protection/waterproofing products to suit various types of materials. We also have separate categories for leather bags lovers as well as sneaker heads to pamper their precious collections and keep them protected.