What Are Orthopaedic Insoles?

Unlike regular insoles, an orthopaedic insole provides your feet with good arch support every time you take a step. Without arch support, your feet can develop pain over time from doing simple activities such as walking and even standing. These insoles are crucial for Australians who lack the necessary arch support in their feet to correct any deformities and reduce pain.

How Can Orthopaedic Insoles Help Flat Feet?

Do you experience pain when walking? Do you work for long hours on your feet? Painful feet can be caused by ill-fitting shoes and flat feet. Most people make use of orthopaedic insoles for flat feet to help alleviate pain associated with walking. This is especially true for people working in retail, education, nursing and food and beverage industries. The right orthopaedic insoles can encourage a healthy gait so you minimise pain resulting from standing or walking for multiple hours.

Do I Need Orthopaedic Insoles For My Flat Feet?

Flat feet can increase the incidence of strained muscles, ligaments and inflamed tendons, causing pain and possibly swelling. While not everyone develops flat fleet, it is also more common in people with diabetes, obesity, as well as pregnant ladies. Seek a qualified professional in Australia to inspect your feet for a proper diagnosis.

There is no need to worry if you have flat feet. However, if they are causing you discomfort of pain in your everyday lifestyle, you can consider getting treatment. Well-fitted insoles for flat feet can also help relieve unnecessary pressure place on the arches of your feet, reducing symptoms of pain and discomfort.

We Ship Orthopaedic Insoles Australia Wide

A pair of well-made and correctly fitted orthopaedic insoles for flat feet is crucial for the health of your feet. If you have trouble selecting the right one for your condition, contact our consultants and we’ll be able to match you with the right pair. Choose from our full selection of insoles and add a pair to your cart now.

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