Australia, It’s Time to Give Your Sneakers Some Love & Care

You do not need to be a sneakerhead to give your sneakers some tender loving care. Regardless of whether you enjoy wearing canvas, synthetic, leather or suede sneakers, they all deserve a minimum level of care in order to reach their maximum lifespan. When you are dropping a large sum of money on a pair of prized sneakers, there is no point in keeping them safe in their shoeboxes, afraid they will be tainted by the outside environment. Feel no fear wearing your favourites by equipping yourself with the knowledge to protect and clean them.

Keep Your Sneakers Looking New with Sneaker Cleaning Products

Prevention is always better than having to do a deep clean. This means should give your sneakers a layer of protectant that will help keep it water and dirt resistant. That said, your collection is not going to be invincible. It is important that you still check them often for any stains or marks acquired and tackle those spots as soon as you can.

The sooner you remove the stains of your sneakers the right way, the higher the chance of restoring them to their original condition. Spot cleaning tools are your friend, especially if you own white sneakers. Consider using sneaker care and cleaning products made specifically for white sneakers to restore them so you can enjoy wearing white sneakers without constantly worrying or fretting.

Sneaker Care Products You Need For Australian Weather

At Austra, we carry high quality sneaker care tools that will help clean and maintain wearability of your precious sneakers. The range we carry is well-known and used by leather bags and shoe owners around the world. Whether you are looking for a strong protectant for a rainy season or want to keep them smelling good during hot humid summers, we can ship to your location anywhere in Australia.

Prolong the lifespan of your leather sneakers. Browse our sneaker care products and add them to your cart now!