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Suede footwear are a treasure for shoe lovers. Once you go suede, there is no looking back. To keep the suede looking as new and make your feet feel great as ever, you need to care for them. Austra Selection brings you a wide range of shoes and foot care products in the most affordable prices in Australia. You have a requirement related to your footwear maintenance, we have a solution and the product for you. With an experience of over two decades, exclusive dealership of a German leather care brand called Collonil, we have a lot of fathers in our cap. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing our customers satisfied boot after boot, suede after suede.
To ensure your suede footwear stay in the perfect condition with you, we have suede waterproof sprays in Perth. Once you apply the suede waterproof spray generously on your footwear, you can trudge in the water without a worry. The waterproof spray forms a layer over the suede shoes which repel water, dirt, and oil. We are the most trusted shoe care brand in Australia since over two decades. Our experience and dedication enable us to deliver the most reliable and trusted brands at affordable prices. Austra has a variety of products from the most premium brands for your suede. Now you can enjoy in rains or not get interrupted by a water splash or be heartbroken about an accidental spill on your beloved suede shoes. Suede waterproof spray Perth is going to change your experience with your footwear.
With Austra, you have easy access to the world of shoe care products like polishing cloth, cleaning foams, cleaning sponges, cleaning brushes, to even odour cleaners. If you have any queries regarding your suede or footwear made up of absolutely any material, you can call us at 1300 780 971 or reach us at We deliver across Australia with utmost care.

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About Austra Selections

At Austra Selections we take great pride in our ability to provide premium quality leather cleaning and shoe care products and other shoe accessories to our valued customers across Australia. Our experience and dedication enables us to deliver the most reliable and trusted brands at affordable prices. During our almost two decades of operation, we have ensured that our selection of products have only grown. No matter what you are looking for in regards to shoes care, handbag care, shoe accessories or foot comfort, Austra Selections has you covered.





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Shop Quality Leather Cleaning & Shoe Care Products in Australia

We are your one-stop shop for quality shoe care, accessories, foot support and leather care products. Starting out with just a handful of trusted brands, Austra has increased our product range, offering Australians a wide selection of top brands that are reliable at reasonable prices. We are strongly passionate about shoe care and foot health. Taking good care of a pair of well-made shoes is not only great for your pocket, but also for the environment. If you’re unsure where to start, check out our shoe care topics and leather cleaning solutions below.

Leather Cleaning Products & Shoe Solutions

From classic favourites to new technology driven materials, Aussie households need answers to cleaning their beloved shoes and leather goods. No matter how old your cosy lambskin boots are, how uncomfortable your shoe feels, or how smelly your kids’ new but already muddy runners have become, read our experts’ take on tackling these common shoe and leather care problems. Click below to learn more now.

Browse Top Shoe Care & Leather Cleaning Topics In Australia

Not all shoes are made the same, which is why different pairs of shoes need a different set of care treatment. Whether you’re looking to give your sneakers a good clean, or unsure about which products you should use to restore your leather goods and keep them from water damage, we have the care tutorials just for you. Learn more about your specific shoe care needs by clicking on the topic of your choice.