Pure Luxury: How to Care for Exotic Leather

Crocodile, python and ostrich: There’s no other type of leather that is as elegant and unique as exotic leather. The extravagant textures and colours can transform the simplest business shoes, slippers, belts and bags into one-of-a-kind pieces.
Exotic leather types have that little something extra. With proper care, your exotic goods can last you a lifetime.

What are the different types of exotic leather?

Distinguishing between leather with and leather without scales is essential when it comes to cleaning and caring for exotic leather. Crocodile leather and snakeskin belong to the former category, as the scales remain even after the leather is processed. Fish leather, on the other hand, is typically found without scales, with very few exceptions. Ostrich leather has a texture similar to goose skin and thus also falls under the non-scaly category.


Whilst snakeskin and…


…crocodile leather have a more scaly structure…


…ostrich leather belongs to the scaleless variety of exotic leathers.


Step 1: Clean

To remove dirt from leather with scales, begin by carefully wiping the leather with a soft, lint-free POLIISHING CLOTH. It’s important to always go with the grain of the scales and never against them; otherwise, you risk doing permanent damage to the leather.

If the dirt is more substantial, try brushing the leather with a CLEANING BRUSH. Again, always go in the same direction as the scales and use very light pressure.

Note: Python is extra-sensitive due to its unique structure.


Step 2: Waterproof

Waterproofing is key to protecting your favourite pieces in the long run. EXOTIC SPRAY is specially designed for exotic leather goods and makes waterproofing easy. Not only does the spray protect the leather from moisture and dirt, it also provides necessary nutrients to the material.


Step 3: Care

Take extra precaution with every step if you’re dealing with reptile leather, which is extra delicate. Applying EXOTIC SPRAY should suffice here. Avoid doing a wet clean or using polish of any kind.

Caring for Leather without scales


Step 1: Clean

To make sure exotic leather without scales shines like new, we like to clean it with BAMBOO LOTION. This cleansing lotion contains bamboo extract, which nourishes the material and helps loosen any dirt. The natural bamboo extract also prevents the leather from drying out.


Step 2: Waterproof

EXOTIC SPRAY is also suitable for use with non-scaly leather. The specially developed waterproofing spray protects against dirt and moisture and provides the material with important nutrients. It’s important to treat all your shoes and bags before their first use and after every wet clean. Once you’ve waterproofed, you can move on to your care routine.

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Step 3: Cares

Surfaces without scales, such as ostrich or fish leather, are easier to care for than crocodile leather. In addition to waterproofing, these materials benefit from using 1909 LEATHER LOTION. The lotion contains aloe vera and essential oils that prevent the leather from drying out and keep your beloved items smooth and supple.

Extra Exotic Leather Tips

Exotic leather responds particularly poorly to moisture. It’s best to avoid contact with water at all costs and dab any moisture quickly with a soft towel. Strong sources of light and heat can also damage exotic leather and can cause its colour tones to change over time.
Store exotic leather shoes in a dust-free location that is protected from light and heat, e.g., a shoe bag. Also, consider using a shoe tree to prevent the leather from getting brittle.

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to enjoy using your exotic leather goods for many years to come.