Shoes made from fashionable materials

The different characteristics of the many types of leather alone give inspiration to designers and shoemakers for the creation of modern footwear. With a mere appliqué or combination of different materials, shoes are shown off to their best advantage. These days, shoes do not only serve to protect our feet from environmental influences, but are above all important fashion accessories with a Zeitgeist factor. Leather is a classic, but modern materials are equally important for shoe production. From high-tech weaves to synthetic leather to cork: the various materials for shoes need bespoke cleaning and care products.

Our customers are well aware that the shoe uppers require regular cleaning and care to ensure that shoes are perfectly presentable. The combination of various modern materials in shoes dictates and makes things a little complicated. For this reason, Collonil offers high-quality shoe cleaning and shoe care products that meet the demands of your shoes: from the uppers to the insole, your shoe cleaning box will have just what you need with Collonil products.


The diversity of fashionable materials knows


no bounds and is constantly being added to by


new designs.

Caring for shoes made from different upper materials

Shoe cleaning has to be quick and uncomplicated for most people. Some simply want their shoes clean, others want to restore the brilliant colours of their shoes. Contrasting seams in a light colour on dark sneakers can already present a problem in shoe care. What shoe cleaning product is best in this case? You can already do a lot for the seams and uppers before you wear the shoes the first time. For smooth leather, you neutral lotions and follow this with a rich cream without pigments to protect the leather and seams.

Shoe designs with different colour combinations are becoming more and more popular. Even colour gradients in the upper material are no longer rare. To ensure the wow effect lasts, a little attention must be taken when cleaning and caring for modern materials. For intuitive shoe lovers we recommend masking the different areas of colour and applying the right shoe cream to the different parts piece by piece. When you polish the shoe, it is best to use different cloths or brushes, to prevent the pigments from being transferred. For in-between times and when you are on the move, buy a neutral shoe care product. It is particularly exciting with shoes made from a mixture of materials. The right product has to be chosen depending on the materials used.

Modern shoes made from High-Tex – functional membrane for outdoors & sports

Functional membranes pose particular challenges to shoe care. High Tex shoes made from leather or sports shoes made from fabrics – such as mesh – the particular thing about High Tex shoes are the membranes between the upper and inner material. Moisture cannot get inside, and the shoe is still breathable. In order not to impair the special characteristics during shoe care, you must observe a few things: Avoid cleaning the shoes with water! Residues of the detergent will come deposit in the membrane.

In modern footwear and fabrics with functional membranes, it is all a matter of breathability and water-resistance. Care products containing wax and oils mitigate these characteristics in the long-term. Care products with nano technology are preferable. The minute particles penetrate deep down into the structure and encapsulate the filaments with a protective layer. Water and dirt cannot penetrate into the shoe but water vapour escapes to the outside. Shoes made from modern materials offer two major benefits. On the one hand, the feet stay dry and on the other, products with nano technology cut out the need for frequent cleaning.