Greasy leather – cleaning & care

Make-up stains or greasy collars on leather jackets are inevitable and make thorough cleaning necessary. Household remedies such as shaving foam or baby powder are not that suitable for eliminating grease marks permanently from leather garments, however: they do not contain nourishing substances and thus dry out the leather. The collars and cuffs of leather jackets undergo particular strain and need special attention.

Great attention is needed to clean greasy leather to make jackets and trousers look as good as new. Beside the right leather care and cleaning products, a little skill and patience are important. If you want to clean greasy leather, the first step involves dry cleaning the surface with soft brushes or a dry cloth. The Collonil range also includes special remedies for dry cleaning. In this way, the leather is prepared for the subsequent cleaning operation. The type of cleaning product will depend on the type of leather used for the garment.

How to remove grease marks from greasy smooth leather and suede

Greasy collars or cuffs can be removed from robust smooth types of leather without difficulty. For this purpose, you can order the cleaning spray and Soft Gum for dry cleaning online. In order to reduce the frequency of cleaning necessary for greasy leather, it is best to remove grease from collars in the very first stage.

Suede and porous smooth leather types are more prone to grease and fat marks. Oils, fats and liquids penetrate quickly into the leather in this case. Before skin fat and sweat work their way into the leather, you must clean the leather immediately. Using a soft brush or a dirt eraser, you can restore the texture of suede. After this you can clean the collar and cuffs with the cleaning spray from our online shop.

How to clean a greasy steering wheel and protect it from dirt

Once a year, car drivers have to thoroughly clean greasy leather steering wheels. In the warmer season, hand sweat attacks the leather, and in order to keep the steering wheel looking good for a long time, regular cleaning and care are paramount.

Strong chemical products are taboo when it comes to cleaning steering wheels. Leather is a natural material that suffers greatly with the wrong care. If the leather steering wheel has already become sticky and greasy, it is high time to clean it. To remove fat from the surface, baby wipes are fine. Pay attention also to the seams, as dust can collect here and leather is more prone to tearing in this area. This should be followed by the actual cleaning, for example with the nourishing BAMBOO LOTION or the LEATHER & TEXTILE CLEANER from Collonil, which will already restore important nutrients to the leather.

Cleaning a greasy leather steering wheel is only the first step: the final care operation is much more important. If the leather covering has become brittle it will be difficult to restore the material to its original condition. It is thus wise to apply a special leather care product using a soft microfibre cloth. This will keep the colours looking like new.

Tips for caring for porous and non-porous smooth leather

Step 1: Clean

Dry cleaning:

Remove surface dirt using the POLISHING CLOTH

For smaller grease marks, use the SOFT GUM CLASSIC

Wet cleaning:

Remove more stubborn grease marks with the CLEANER Spray. Apply with a POLISHING CLOTH and allow to act for a short time. Then rub off the grease mark with the SOFT GUM CLASSIC.

Tips for caring for suede

Step 1: Clean

Dry cleaning:

Remove grease marks with the intensive dry CLEANER.

Wet cleaning:

use the CLEANER Spray on more stubborn grease marks. Apply in a well-aired room directly onto the grease marks and brush the material, when still damp, with the CLEANING BRUSH. It is sufficient to brush gently. After cleaning, refresh the pile using the COMBI BRUSH.

Step 2: Waterproofing

After every cleaning operation, re-treat by waterproofing. Use waterproofing sprays outdoors or in well-aired rooms. Spray CARBON PRO onto the shoe evenly at a distance of about 30 cm. Allow to dry for at least 20 minutes, then repeat this step.

Tips for caring for leather steering wheels

Step 1: Clean

With the CAR CARE LEATHER & TEXTILE CLEANER, you can remove dirt from smooth leather and fabric blends. Apply to the steering wheel with a microfibre cloth.

Step 2: Nourish

The CAR CARE LEATHER LOTION nourishes smooth leather and contains an intensive colour reviving agent. Apply the lotion with a microfibre cloth.