Clean and Care for Leather Gloves

A pair of high-quality leather gloves can last you years – or be ruined in a single winter. The difference between the two is how you clean and care for them.

Smooth Leather Gloves

Producing smooth leather shoes and gloves requires different types of smooth leather. The kind used for gloves is finer and softer, which allows for more flexibility and wearing comfort. Unfortunately, it’s also more susceptible to dirt.


Step 1: Clean

Most gloves can be treated with gentle BAMBOO LOTION when dirty. It’s always best to test any products on a less obvious area before applying them to the entire leather glove. Lighter smooth leather gloves can also be cleaned using the SOFT GUM cleaning rubber.


Step 2: Waterproof

Our 1909 series features the perfect products for waterproofing leather gloves. Use the 1909 SUPREME WAX spray to ensure the waterproofing treatment lasts.


Step 3: Care

Nourish your gloves with rich 1909 LEATHER LOTION. Moreover, 1909 LEATHER CREAM cleans and cares for gloves simultaneously and also refreshes faded colours.

Suede and Nubuck Gloves

Velvety leather gloves made of nubuck or suede don’t just look good, they are also a practical choice for active people thanks to their breathability.


Step 1: Clean

Remove any light dirt by brushing the surface with a CLEANING BRUSH. Use BAMBOO LOTION for a more substantial clean; it cleans and cares for the leather all in one.


Step 2: Waterproof

NUBUK + VELOURS waterproofing spray offers a deep level of protection. Be sure to use the neutral version for treating gloves to prevent any tinted residue being left behind.


Step 3: Cares

We don’t recommend using any additional polishes or conditioners for suede or nubuck gloves because they are hard to apply evenly to the rough surface. It is, however, a good idea to brush suede and nubuck with a CREPE BRUSH to ensure the fibres don’t flatten after cleaning and waterproofing.