Shoe deodorants – how to use them and how they work

After a while, even the best shoes begin to smell unpleasant. Even fresh air and alternating which shoes you wear is not a long-term solution. Many people neutralise the smell using various household remedies. If you are looking for a long-term and lasting solution, however, you are much better off using a shoe deodorant.

Most products used to neutralise shoe odours don’t tackle the underlying problem: sweat and bacteria. Did you know that foot sweat has an important function, and that it is actually odourless? We regulate our body temperature through our feet, through the loss of moisture. Unpleasant odours arise thanks to the presence of stubborn bacteria on the skin, which break down the foot sweat. A further problem is inadequate ventilation of the feet. An intensive shoe deodorant is the most effect way of neutralising the odour and effectively combating the causes of odours.

Unpleasant shoe odours – this is how you can neutralise your shoes long-term

Aside from adequate ventilation of the shoe, you can get rid of unpleasant odours with the right odour neutraliser depending on your shoe’s materials. Highly effective shoe deodorants don’t just combat odours in trainers. They can also bring a breath of fresh air to fabric garments, handbags and upholstered furniture.

All Collonil products for odour neutralisation offer an intensive freshness formula. This lessens the odour and reduces germs. You can also enhance the neutralising effect by using thin inlay soles made from leather. These are breathable, remove foot sweat and can be changed at any time. In the Collonil online shop, you will find a large selection of inlay soles for various types of shoe and for all seasons. From the terrycloth sole for barefoot running to the Sport Footbed Comfort Sole with shock absorber, here you will find a comprehensive range for all your needs.

Fundamentally, trainers are very breathable – but we put them through a lot. Therefore, sports shoes and outdoor shoes must be neutralised comparatively more often. Many athletes swear by the use of washing machines to neutralise odours; but this doesn’t do either the trainers or the washing machine any good. Sports shoes consist of multiple layers glued together. Frequent exposure to water can cause these layers to come apart. The whole trainer can then warp over time, so that the shoe no longer supports the soles as it should do.

If you want to neutralise the odour of frequently worn shoes, there’s no need to air the shoes overnight, as popular opinion holds, and neither do you need to leave the shoes to dry before applying an odour neutraliser. If you use Collonil’s BREEZE odour neutraliser for clothes and shoes, the spray should be applied to trainers immediately after use. The spray works most effectively if the shoes, garment or bag are still moist.

Unpleasant textile odours – this is how you can neutralise the odours of leather garments and textile furniture covers

Most garments can generally be washed in order to remove unpleasant odours. Even if you plan to carry out an intensive cleaning regularly, leather jackets – whether with or without lining – should never be placed in the washing machine. In order to freshen up leather garments, odour neutralising sprays are the best solution. These ensure that the characteristic leather smell is maintained.

The problem is slightly more complicated with furniture that has a textile cover. The material seems to magically attract food and tobacco odours. Cleaning and neutralisation often requires an instinctive feeling. Often, fresh air can work little miracles. Simply open the windows and allow the air to circulate! Chairs covered in velvet, however, can be more thoroughly aired on the balcony. This is how you can get rid of sofa, mattress and chair odours in the short-term.

If you are looking for a long-term solution, however, odour neutralising sprays make a lot of sense. The advantage of these products is obvious. The fine mist doesn’t soak the upholstery and maintains the shape of the covers. Thanks to Collonil’s highly effective sprays, the odour will disappear within a very short time. The product is also perfect for using on the interior of bags. Sports bags in particular, which carry sweaty trainers and T-shirts, can develop unpleasant odours. Even when shoes and shirts are unpacked, the unpleasant odours remain in the bag.

In order to remove unpleasant smelling mould from sports bags, you can wash the bag – as long as this can be placed in the washing machine. The germs causing the odour however, will most probably remain. With materials that can’t be washed in water, on the other hand, things look a little different: simply turn the bag inside out and turn to our intensive BREEZE spray. Once it has dried, the bag will smell freshly purchased once again.

Care tips

Washing shoes in the washing machine

Never wash leather shoes in the washing machine. This can damage the leather. As long as the manufacturer instructions allow, fabric shoes can be washed with SNEAKER WASH at 30 degrees and on a lower speed.

Using shoe deodorant

Spray the BREEZE spray evenly inside the shoe, as long as this is still damp. The product is activated by moisture and the neutralisation effect will be stronger. You can also use the spray upside down with shoes.

The odour neutraliser is also perfect for garments and bags.

Remove odours from textile furniture

Step 1: airing

Ensure good circulation of air in the room or air velvet covered furniture outside.

The odour neutraliser is also perfect for garments and bags.

Step 2: use of odour neutraliser

Spray the furniture piece evenly with our BREEZE spray.