Top Tips for Clean and Comfy Sandals

When it comes to cleaning shoes, sandals rarely come to mind – mostly because there is so little shoe there to clean! That said, sandals are especially prone to dirt and wear as they are typically exposed to the elements and the footbed comes into direct contact with your skin. Regularly cleaning and caring for your sandals will extend their life so they last you several summers over.


Fresh and Hygienic

Footbeds are notoriously damp and warm, making them the perfect environment for fungi and bacteria to grow. Our HYGIENESCHAUM will take care of that, leaving your sandals clean and fresh.


Step 1: Clean your straps

BAMBOO LOTION is the ideal solution for cleaning all types of sandal straps. Whether yours are delicate leather straps or robust textile straps, this lotion cleans away dirt and stains while simultaneously hydrating the material.


Step 2: Deep nourishment

1909 LEATHER LOTION supplies leather straps with important oils to keep them supple and flexible. This ensures thin straps can withstand stresses and strains, especially around holes and buckles.

Cleaning Outsoles

Birkenstocks, as well as several other brands, outfit their sandals with cork and rubber outsoles. These require regular cleaning and care.


Cleaning White Midsoles

White rubber soles are best cleaned with our specially-developed MIDSOLE CLEANER.


Nourishing Cork Soles

Cork soles look great and offer high levels of comfort due to their shock-absorbing properties. To prevent the material from drying out, however, it’s a good idea to treat your soles with Collonil’s CORK product. It seals the outsoles and protects them from water and dirt.

The Footbed

Any clothes that come into direct contact with skin need more frequent washing. The same goes for your shoes. Most sandals are worn barefoot, meaning the footbed requires regular attention.


Dry Cleaning Suede Footbeds

Many sandal footbeds are made of suede because they don’t tend to be as slippery when damp from sweat. Our CLEANER effortlessly removes dirt from suede footbeds. It also roughens up the material to prevent individual fibres from sticking together.


Wet Cleaning Suede Footbeds

If your footbeds are very dirty, a dry clean may not suffice. In that case, try SHAMPOO DIRECT for an intense wet clean.


Wet Cleaning Smooth Leather Footbeds

If your sandals have a smooth leather footbed, it’s best to regularly clean them with INSIDE FRESH & CLEAN. Spray them lightly after each wear and wipe down with a soft cloth.

Comfortable Insoles

Regular cleaning isn’t the only thing you can do to protect your sandals. Wearing insoles offers added comfort and keeps your feet dry. They also protect the footbed from dirt and sweat – plus, the designs add a bright summer flair to any pair of sandals.


Self-Adhesive Insoles

We can recommend the colourful SISTER PIPPA STYLE. They are super thin, self-adhering insoles that are specially made for sandals.