Shoe care for business

The life span of elegant business shoes depends on the right shoe care. The constant use of leather shoes exposes them to a lot of strain. Dirt, moisture and incorrect storage make the shoes age more quickly. Here, we wish to give you a few tips on how to keep your business shoes in mint condition for your daily working life.

Shoes can sometimes reveal a lot about the wearer. Well-groomed shoes are the sign of a good businessman. This saying stands today as it did yesteryear. Smart leather shoes are part and parcel of the business suit. With the right care, business shoes always look elegant and at the same time boost your general appearance at manager level. If you want to move perfectly in your business life, you should not only place importance on your choice of footwear, but remember that meticulous care maintains the appearance of high-quality business shoes with a lasting effect.

You are surely familiar with the problem: the evening before, you have already prepared your shoes for the following day at work. Any dry cleaning operations, shoe creams and polishing are of little avail when you are in the office, however. Water-repellent galoshes are no longer fashionable, but in the wet or cold seasons, snow or salt can leave their mark on your new leather shoes. Now is the time to give your business shoes some intensive care, with particular attention to waterproofing


Regular care is essential to keep high-quality leather shoes looking good in the long-term.


Shoes are an important factor in the overall business outfit ensemble.


If they are properly cleaned and cared for, any leather shoes exude elegance.

Business leather shoes – effective cleaning & care

Comfortable, well-groomed shoes are essential for your daily working life. On the one hand, high-quality leather shoes complete the outfit. On the other, they have to protect your heels and articulations if you have to stand and walk for a long time. Once you have found the right shoe model, you want to keep it for a long time. All the more reason for taking good care of high-quality business leather shoes. This helps considerably to maintain the fit, appearance and purpose of the shoes.

The most important tools for caring for business leather shoes include shoes brushes for dry cleaning, shoe polish brushes, the right leather care product and naturally, a shoe tree. Collonil offers a comprehensive range of care products for different types of leather. High-quality shoes in buckskin leather can be cleaned with a care product for suede, for example, or coated smooth leather can be protected against harsh weather with pigmented waterproofing sprays. For occasional cleaning, keep the road dust at bay with a self-shine shoe sponge.

In addition to cleaning and caring for high-quality business leather shoes, polishing is equally important. Any surplus shoe cream is removed and the shoes are restored to their original shine. This is because shoe care products contain high-quality waxes that only show their full effect through the final polishing procedure.


Roll on autumn: modern business look with perfectly groomed shoes.

Cleaning leather soles

They are hardly taken into consideration in shoe care, but are enormously important: the leather soles of business shoes. Shoes made from smooth leather or suede are often cared for with devotion, while leather soles receive only a small amount of love, although they carry the main burden. In order to protect them sufficiently from moisture and harsh weather, leather soles must be looked after on a very regular basis. Leather sole oils have a water-repellent effect and put the required nutrients back into the soles, which in this way remain flexible and sturdy.

The oil used to care for your leather soles depends on the sole type. If your business shoes are welted, you can use oil without hesitation. Glued-on soles can become detached. Leather soles become thicker over time, but also rougher. Business leather shoes are then no longer so smooth. The first time, leather soles can be treated with a high-quality oil. Before applying the oil, clean the soles with a damp cloth. One dry, you can brush the oil onto the leather soles with a paint brush. The leather oil will penetrate into the soles better if you lay the shoes on one side. It is essential to avoid the shoe upper leather from coming into contact with the leather sole oil, as this can lead to stains that cannot be removed.