Caring for leather bags and accessories

Leather bags and gloves have to put up with a lot. Exposure to the elements and daily use leave behind signs of wear and tear on the natural leather. To ensure that accessories don’t age prematurely and become unsightly, attentive impregnation and care is a must. To guarantee that you can enjoy your new bag or gloves for as long as possible, here you will find helpful tips for cleaning and caring for leather accessories – whatever kind of leather your bags, gloves or headgear are made with. With the correct cleaning and care procedures, you can allow your high-quality accessories to take centre stage.


Leather is a sensitive material. To ensure that the colours don’t fade prematurely, store your leather accessories in a soft and opaque cotton pouch. Patent leather bags and accessories require special care, to ensure that they don’t become scratched. Whatever kind of bag you are storing, always pad it with tissue paper.

Nano impregnation sprays ensure that your leather bag will look spotless whatever the weather. From the first use, leather impregnation sprays prevent the penetration of water and the development of annoying water marks (leave to dry at room temperature!). Now and then, high-quality leather must not just be cleaned but also cared for with the correct procedure. At least twice every year, use care products such as special lotions for smooth leather, to return important nutrients to the leather. Regular use of care products guarantees the suppleness of your leather bags and freshens up their colour.

What holds true for leather bags generally also goes for all other leather accessories. Gloves, wallets and headgear will also benefit from regular leather care procedures.


Leather bags are robust all-rounders…


…and can be used versatilely in any situation.


Correct care ensures a long life.

Caring for leather motorbike bags and panniers

Any true biker has leather bags – also known as panniers – on their motorbike. These have to put up with the elements but above all sunlight. Comprehensive impregnation is therefore essential before your first trip: otherwise the combination of rainwater and intense UV light may cause your leather motorbike bags to become brittle. Impregnation is, however, just the first step into a world of unbridled biking joy. Panniers require equally attentive care.

You can care for leather motorbike bags using special care products for leather clothing and robust smooth leather. To ensure that the upper leather surface is water-repellent, the product should be rich and penetrate deep into the lower leather layers. Make sure that no greasy film develops, as this will attract dust to the leather motorbike bags. Pay particular attention to the seams: this is where water may penetrate and soak the interior of the bag – along with its contents.

Marks on your panniers have plenty of stories to tell about your adventurous life as a biker; but at the same time, not all dirt is desired. Bikers who park their bike under trees full of nesting birds know exactly what we’re talking about. These speckles are alkaline and must be removed as quickly as possible. If your leather bags become faded, pigmented creams for shoe care can help.

Caring for leather gloves

Leather gloves are elegant and adapt perfectly to the shape of your hand. The combination of impregnation, cleaning and care doesn’t just benefit gloves, but can also create a striking effect in your wardrobe. From fine Glacé to robust work gloves, accessories have to put up with a lot. Whether you would like to clean your gloves after a winter of use or are looking to freshen them up in the meantime – here you will find the tips you need.


Leather gloves – A high-quality and lasting companion throughout autumn and winter

Caring for smooth leather gloves

Smooth leather gloves are made from a different kind of leather to shoes. It is softer and thus fits the shape of the body perfectly. To ensure prolonged comfort and flexibility, regular cleaning is essential. Special lotions don’t just clean, but also return important nutrients to your leather gloves.

Leather gloves have to put up with dirt but also hand sweat – especially if they are worn for work. After every use, your gloves should be allowed to air. Smooth leather gloves require infrequent washing, but when you can’t avoid doing so, be sure to care for them with oil-restoring products after drying.

Caring for suede gloves

Gloves made from nubuck leather or suede cling to the skin with a velvety feel. Porous leather guarantees air circulation, but this makes it harder to care for suede. Rough dirt disappears with the use of a soft brush. The texture of the leather is restored. Such accessories should be cared for with a nourishing lotion, and impregnation sprays ensure excellent and deep protection.

Whether your gloves are made from suede or soft leather, household products, such as coloured shoe polish, don’t really help: after all, colour pigment may be transferred to your hands. Don’t neglect the seams if you want to avoid cold or wet fingers. If you consider these few points, your leather gloves should be adequately cared for, whatever the weather.