Caring for leather clothing

Leather clothing is a fashion staple for women and men. The material isn’t just functional, it also impresses with its characteristic look and unique feel. Leather clothing requires thorough cleaning so that the material properties of leather last longer. Collonil offers a wide range of products to keep leather jackets, trousers and skirts looking pristine.


An autumn trend – colourful leather clothing

The correct care for leather clothing depends on its quality. Here you can basically differentiate between pigmented and surface-coloured leathers. Both smooth leather and course leather is used to manufacture clothing. Every kind requires special cleaning and nourishing products. This preserves the smoothness of the leather clothing and the weatherproof properties for a very long time.

Cleaning & nourishing leather clothing

Before you clean leather clothing with expensive products, rough dirt can be removed with a soft brush or a damp cloth. The important thing here is that you are gentle. Rubbing or scratching irreparably destroys the robust leather structure. Even products such as olive oil, milk or baby powder have long-lasting negative effects.

The absolutely basic requirement for nourishing leather products should be waterproofing the material. This avoids premature penetrating moisture and dirt. Support the natural barrier function of leather skins and waterproof your leather clothing even before the first wear.

It becomes demanding when you want to clean and nourish leather clothing with a lining. It is not absolutely necessary to remove the lining from the item of clothing before cleaning it. For intensive leather cleaning, you can use the LEATHER SOAP CLASSIC from the Collonil online shop, for example. This product relieves the hide’s pores of dust particles and prepares it for the nourishment to follow. You can find the right product for waterproofing and nourishing all kinds of leather product in the online shop.


Leather clothing is versatile…


…and needs special care…


…tailored to the material!

Cleaning & nourishing leather trousers

The right patina gives leather trousers their character. However, you must clean leather and provide intensive nourishment to leather trousers now and then. The first priority for caring for leather clothing is airing it. You can quickly move small stains yourself. You can find a wide variety of products for regular leatherwear care in the Collonil online shop. Here we offer the perfect cleaning and care products for traditional wear and modern leather trousers for women and men.

All types of leather contain natural oils. That means it’s not a disaster if there’s a small oil mark on your leather trousers. It can quickly be removed using the correct cleaning products. To avoid oil or water marks having a chance in general, leather trousers should be treated with waterproofing spray even before the first wear. The smooth leather will stay soft and smooth if you protect it from environmental influences at least once every 6 months. Course leather, on the other hand, requires a little more attention and, most importantly, a soft leather brush. After applying course leather waterproofing spray and allowing to dry slowly, sub the trousers with a brush in the direction of the nap.

It is advisable to avoid using water to clean leather clothing. Tanning agents, natural leather oil and pigments can be washed out. Particularly hot water makes the leather stiff and brittle once dry. If your leather trousers get wet in the rain, you should leave them to dry slowly. Avoid hanging them on the washing line. Hanging warps the leather and the fit suffers considerably. Lie the leather trousers flat on a dry towel and plan for a long drying process. To avoid the trousers getting stiff, you should turn them frequently and tumble the material carefully. This distributes the leather oil evenly.

Cleaning & nourishing leather jackets

Cleaning and nourishing leather jackets is best done with the appropriate care products. You can choose the right care product for the quality of the leather here in the Collonil online shop. Sprays are the best choice for large surface leather care. This ensures even application of the product. For small stains, we offer cleaning and nourishing foam with a practical dispenser.

What’s important when treating leather clothing is care and frequency. It’s less to do with the amount of the cleaning or leather care product used and more to do with the frequency of the application. You could waterproof leather jackets even before the first wear. This is particularly important for motorbike jackets made of leather. This piece of clothing has to be particularly resistant to wind, rain and light. Leather oil and special lotions that are particularly moisturising and protective offer sufficient protection.

Special brushes with soft bristles are essential for cleaning and nourishing leather jackets. They can remove rough dirt and dust from the leather surface. Stubborn marks disappear with the use of a damp cloth. Rubbing or scratching hard should absolutely be avoided. This will leave marks. All stains, such as oils or grease, can be removed using a cleaning cream. These cleaning products remove collar grease and armpit stains, among other things, from leather jackets.