Outdoor shoes – cleaning and caring for

Outdoor shoes and functional clothing are wear-resistant, if they’re properly maintained, allowing things like trekking boots and all-weather jackets protect us from all weather conditions without the sophisticated special materials and functional membranes being damaged. With careful cleaning and care, even well-used trekking equipment can be given a new lease of life.

Cleaning outdoor shoes

No other item of clothing is so important or put under so much strain. Hiking and outdoor shoes have to withstand a lot. Every step you take impacts the upper materials while the soles have to deal with various surfaces without wearing down too quickly. Not to mention the inner lining! Being active makes you sweat in your shoe. Though trekking and outdoor shoes have to withstand a lot, once they’ve been taken off they go straight back in the cupboard, uncleaned and not cared for.

Here are a few trips to make your trusty hiking and outdoor shoes last longer, so you can rely on your outdoor shoes in the most remote parts of the world. The golden rule of caring for outdoor shoes is to do so regularly, with thorough cleaning coming a close second. Laces must be removed first so that no leftover mud gets stuck in the eyelets or on the tongue of the shoe, otherwise it will get into the leather pores or synthetic fabric when you go on to clean it. Hiking shoes, whether they’re leather or synthetic, must have the course dirt brushed off them before going on to deep cleaning. Don’t forget the soles, inside and out! The inner soles can be removed and washed in the washing machine at a low temperature if needs be.

Thoroughly clean your outdoor shoes with a combined cleaning and waterproofing product. On the Collonil online shop, you can also find products to care for and clean outdoor textiles. Whether in the washing machine or sprayed on, waterproofing products are finely tuned to meet the needs of different types of material. Clean your shoes or fabrics in a few simple steps and give them a protective coating. Everything will still be breathable and waterproof.


Not just shoes…


… all of your equipment is cared for and protected with Collonil.

Waterproofing shoes – how are outdoor shoes waterproofed?

To make sure your outdoor shoes keep you well-protected in the hills, it’s worth taking the time to properly waterproof your shoes. We sell rucksack-sized waterproofing products on our online shop for you to take with you on the go. After all, showers corrode the shoes’ protective layer. Once you’ve dried them off in the mountain hut, treat your shoes to a couple of sprays. If you’re going hiking in high mountains, take some leather wax along too so your shoes will be resistant to snow and heavy train. The leather won’t wear out and colours will stay fresh and new.


Before wearing trekking shoes out for the first time, they have to be waterproofed. Not only will this mean that your shoes are waterproof for their first walk, but they will stay cleaner for longer too. GORE-TEX® shoes must also be waterproofed regularly, as outdoor shoes are never made exclusively from water-resistant membranes. Good hiking shoes comprise several layers of high-tech material, which means their qualities only last if they are protected from dampness.


GORE-TEX® shoes – how to clean and care for high-performance membranes

GORE-TEX® clothing and shoes are perfect for sport and outdoor activities. The fabric is light, durable and waterproof. Not only are they protective – this fabric is popular because it is so breathable, and is great and protecting feet from wind and the weather. Sweat is directed outside of the shoe, but rain water won’t make its way in. GORE-TEX® is a truly high-tech material. Properly caring for and cleaning it not only supports these features, but also means your GORE-TEX® shoes and clothes will last longer.

GORE-TEX® products are not only incredibly durable, they’re also very easy to care for. Jackets made of this material can be washed easily. To support the filaments, look for tailor-made care products in the Collonil online shop – we even have products for the washing machine. Shoes made from these breathable membranes, GORE-TEX® or Sympatex® can tolerate some degree of moisture. Whereever possible, select a highly effective leaning and care product for the washing machine to clean your shoes in one easy step. The protective layer will be renewed thanks to integrated waterproofing. To wet-clean them, use a sponge and water. After walking through the marshes, you’ll also need to have a mild liquid soap.

Once you’ve gotten all the dirt off your GORE-TEX® shoes, they have to be dried. Do not leave the shoes in direct sunlight and ensure they are at a reasonable temperature. Once the shoes are completely dry, apply a waterproofing spray – the best way to prepare for memorable hiking holidays.