White Shoes – Cleaning is Part of the Deal

If you want to keep your trendy white shoes looking bright instead of grey or brown, you have to regularly care for them – it’s as simple as that.

White shoes come in all shapes and sizes. A favourite variety, of course, is the white sneaker. This trend has survived the test of time with sport shoe enthusiasts despite the extra care white shoes require compared to other colour schemes.

But white sneakers aren’t the only white footwear in high demand. Smooth white leather shoes are certainly beloved statement footwear, as are 60’s-style white go-go boots, white flats, white lace-ups and white sandals. Light-coloured shoes are popular year round. Naturally, all types of white shoes look best when they are clean and polished.

White Shoes Attract Dirt, Fast

Smooth white surfaces aren’t very good at disguising flecks of dirt or dust. However, it’s not just large spots you have to worry about. White shoes truly look their best when they are brilliant white. To make sure your shoes maintain their original colour and don’t fade over time, you have to take good care of them. White shoes probably aren’t the right choice for those of us that tend to neglect shoe maintenance.


Extremely vulnerable: White shoes know how to get dirty.

How to Waterproof, Clean and Polish White Shoes

You can start your care regime by waterproofing your white shoes before the first wear. CARBON PRO protects shoes, keeping them dry and preventing dirt from soaking deep into the material.

Surface-level spots can be easily removed using the SOFT GUM cleaning rubber. If you’re dealing with more stubborn dirt, BAMBOO LOTION is a great product to try. It cleans and nourishes the leather simultaneously.

To keep your shoes brilliant white, make sure you use a suitable white shoe polish such as COMBI WHITE. This water-resistant coloured polish is suitable for use on leather shoes as well as shoes made of fabric or synthetic materials.

If you’re looking to freshen up older white shoes, we recommend using the white COLORIT cream. This repair cream covers scratches and scuffs and gives shoes a new bright layer of colour.


Dry or wet cleaning removes spots from white shoes.


The impregnation forms a protective layer on the material.


With the right color care products, the radiant white returns.

White leather shoes do require special care, but it’s not rocket science when you have the range of Collonil products on hand. Your shoes will look like new in no time at all. It makes cleaning worthwhile.