Carbon PROTECTING Spray 300ml


High Performance Protection for ALL Materials including High-Tec


Collonil CARBON PROTECTING SPRAY 300ml Neutral

Water proofing spray designed for Sneakers, Casuals and Sport Shoes made with all types of leathers and other material combinations. Based on carbon technology, Collonil Carbon Protecting Spray forms an invisible, breathable and highly resistant protective shield on all surfaces.

Protects against moisture and dirt while allowing breathability of the material for freshness inside the shoe. Regular treatment with CARBON PROTECTING helps maintain the original look and the longevity of the shoes.

Application: Keep a distance of 30cm between the shoe and the spray can then spray lightly and evenly. Initial protecting process may require spraying three times for thorough protection. For best results, leave to dry after each application which may take about 3 minutes.  (Do Not brush while the shoe is still wet) Afterward, brush the shoe if requires.  

Re-apply after every 10 to 12 wears. 

Weight 0.265 kg
Dimensions 23 × 5.2 × 5.2 cm