Carbon Starter Kit for Sneakers

$32.95 $29.95

Cleaning and Protection for Sneakers from Collonil Germany


Carbon Starter Kit from Collonil Germany. Try out Collonil’s new Sneaker Cleaning and Protection Care products contained in this special introductory set.

Carbon Starter Kit has the following four essential products for Sneaker Care:

  • Cleaning Foam 50ml
  • Protecting Spray 50ml 
  • Sneaker Brush 
  • Microfiber Cleaning Glove 

Cleaning foam effectively removes dirt and stains. Protecting Spray provides moisture and dirt protection.

Sneaker Brush facilitates the cleaning process. Microfibre Cleaning Glove wipes off dirt and the residual product.

Designed to help keep sneakers in pristine condition. Can be used on all materials, leather and non-leather.

Step 1.  Cleaning    Step 2.  Protection