Bi-Color Laces 120cm for Sporty Shoes



Flat 7mm wide Bi-Color (coloured and a white side) Laces for Sneakers

Two colors in one lace – The Bi-Color laces having white colour on one side and a different colour on the other side – for a nautical look that goes with many sporty shoes.

  • Two-color flat laces
  • 120 cm long
  • 7 mm wide
  • Made of synthetic
  • In 5 different colours with white colour combination
  • 120 cm long

Elegant and trend-conscious: pedag Bi-Color’s two-tone flat laces have a colored and a white side, perfecting modern look. Whether in strong red or blue for a maritime touch or in muted colors, beige, brown or grey – the flat laces are perfect for sporty shoes. They are 120 cm long and available in five color variants.


Brown, Beige, Blue, Red, Grey