T Form

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” T ” Shaped Metatarsal Pads for splayfeet (one pair)


Pedag T FORM front arch support

The “T” shaped metatarsal pad gives uniform support to the front arch and relieves splayfoot pain. Supports the anatomically correct position of the metatarsals. Non-bulky splayfoot pad’s upper is made of Goatskin leather.

Designed for feet with Medium & Low Longitudinal Arches, as the T-shape provides uniform support for the metatarsal arch. 

Forefoot pads help prevent the development of a splayfoot. Metatarsal pad supports and corrects the front arch (metatarsal) of the foot and brings relief.

  • Cushions the splayfoot
  • Gently corrects the transverse arch
  • Ideal if there is little space in the shoe, not bulky
  • Made of soft memory foam
  • Covered with fine goatskin
  • Self-adhesive
  • Made in Germany by Pedag

Pain and a sensation of burning in the forefoot are the first signs of splayfoot. Feet ache and tire quickly. Pads support the anatomically correct position of the metatarsals and thus alleviate the symptoms. Available in European sizing  S = 35/37, M = 38/40, L = 41/43, XL = 44/46. Content one pair

NOTE: Pedag DROP shaped metatarsal pads are available, particularly, for feet with high arches.

S, M, L, XL