Pedag RELAX Flexible Support for Splayfoot


Flexible & Toe Free Foot Support.


pedag RELAX toe free footbed made of leather

Pedag Relax is a relief for strained feet and makes comfortable shoes even more comfortable – thanks to its anatomical shape, the short foot support is comfortable to wear even when you have problems with flat or splayfoot. The breathable leather absorbs the moisture of the foot and thus ensures a pleasant climate in the shoe. For heavenly comfort, all day long.

The elastic and particularly flexible foot support with forefoot pad and longitudinal arch support prevents a splayfoot, gently cushions the heel and gives the whole foot healthy and soothing support. Thanks to its short shape, the toes retain all the space they need to feel comfortable. Content one pair

  • Toe freedom even for wider feet
  • Flexible and elastic for freedom of movement & strengthening of the foot muscles
  • Gives support to the heel and comfortably beds the foot
  • Can help to alleviate complaints such as Plantar Fasciitis, fallen splayfoot as well as complaints in the heels, knees & back
  • Helps prevent developing flat or splayfoot
You like to make your comfort shoes even more comfy, but your toes absolutely need their space? Then the short support pedag Relax made of vegetable tanned leather is your first choice. Fits in shoes width G and H

Made in Germany







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