Hammer Toe Cushion from Pedag


Gel Toe Protectors


Hammer Toe Cushion

Pressure protection made of gel

The Pedag Hammer Toe Cushion provides pain relief for hammer toe pain.

Has an elastic loop that securely fits around the toes without constricting them.

Reduces movement pain in hammer toes and avoids skin irritations.

Hand washable, hygienic and durable.

Select usage: Left toe; Right toe

The pedag hammer toe pad is the secret weapon for hammer toe pain. The extra soft toe pad has an elastic loop for a secure fit on the toes without constricting them.
It can prevent hammertoe pain and corns on toe tips and increase foot resilience.

The hygienic and skin-friendly gel of the toe cushion relieves and protects the foot. Pain during movement is reduced. .

Thanks to the super soft and supple gel, the toe pad adapts ideally to the contour of the foot. The ring that holds the hammer-toe pad on the toe provides additional protection against skin irritation and corns on the toe cap

Made in Germany by Pedag


Left, Right