Pedag Trekking Laces – Flat 10mm wide


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Pedag Trekking Laces – Robust and durable Flat Laces 10 mm wide

The flat laces are perfect for trekking, hiking and work shoes. They come in four different colors and three lengths from 120 to 180 cm.

  • Laces for hiking boots
  • Flat and robust
  • 10 mm wide
  • Synthetic + Cotton
  • in 4 different color combinations
  • From 120 to 180 cm long
  • Content: one pair

TIP: calculate min. 15 cm length per pair of eyelets

Hiking boots and working boots have one thing in common: they have to endure a lot and offer comfort for many hours. The laces must also withstand the special demands and be particularly robust. The flat pedag Trekking Laces are very tear-resistant and therefore a reliable accessory for your shoes – conquer mountains, forests and meadows!


Beige Brown, Brown/Orange/Yellow, Grey/Black/Mint, Olive Patterned


120cm, 150cm, 180cm