VIVA SPORT – Cushioned Insole with firm arch support

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Ultra Soft and Shock Absorbing Foot Support for sports professionals


Pedag VIVA SPORT is a vegan foot support designed for Indoor and Outdoor Sport Shoes

The naturally shaped foot support helps improve the performance level of any sport activity. Protects and relieves sensitive zones of the foot – metatarsal, longitudinal arch and the heel. Provides a cushion of microscopically small air chambers and absorbs shock. 

  • Stabilizes the feet and cushions the impact in sport shoes
  • Designed for sneakers and sports shoes. 
  • Supports & cushions the sensitive zones of your foot
  • Effective metatarsal pad, longitudinal arch and heel cushion
  • Absorbs impact with millions of micro air cushions
  • Simply remove placeholder sole from shoe & insert Viva Sport
  • Robust, durable, hand washable, quick drying

Sporty insole made of high-quality cushioning material. Prevents and relieves pressure points of the foot. Strongly responds against joint pain, plantar fasciitis, splayfoot, bent foot & back pain complaints. Pedag Viva Sport insoles have every feature that moves athletes. Perfect for trekking, running and golf. Content one pair

Hand made by Pedag Germany


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