Barefoot insole made from cotton and sisal for summer


Pedag DEO FRESH insole promotes foot hygiene.

Vegan Insole specially for the Summer season: airy light sisal fibre cushion your feet softly, absorbent cotton terry cloth keeps moisture away from your feet. Refreshing and cushioning insole for barefoot. 

Hygienic insole made of natural fibers for sneakers and shoes that you also like to wear without socks. Sustainably manufactured from the renewable raw material sisal, which cushions pleasantly.

  • Soft cushioning natural fiber sisal
  • Extra-absorbent terry cloth with silver ions against foot odor
  • Material combination supporting air circulation in the shoe
  • For pleasant barefoot walking in sneakers
  • Non-slip in the shoe, discreetly adhesive underside
  • Hand washable 
  • Keeps freshness inside shoes
  • Vegan Insole

Made in Germany by Pedag

This will be your summer: airy light sisal fibers cushion your feet softly, absorbent terry cloth keeps moisture away from your feet and also feels wonderful when barefoot. Shh, we’ll tell you the freshness secret of the insoles: The silver integrated into the fibres puts an end to the smell in summer shoes! Especially for summer sneakers this is an absolute feel-good plus.




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