VIVA HIGH an impressive Foot Support with High Arch

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Perfect Relief for  High-Arched Feet


Pedag VIVA HIGH extra thin & lightweight footbed

Cushioning natural leather orthotic insole for relief & prevention of discomfort & soreness caused by high arches. Helps prevent heel, knee & back pain.

  • Improves the hold of the high-arched foot in the shoe
  • Fits all flat shoes, not bulky & extra lightweight
  • Supports & cushions the sensitive zones of your foot
  • With metatarsal pad & longitudinal arch
  • With activated carbon effective against foot odor
  • Selected cowhide; breathable, absorbent & long lasting

Many people with a high longitudinal arch know this: Their feet tire quickly, feel irritated and burn. The foot support for high arches gives you the lightness you want. It helps the foot with a particularly pronounced longitudinal arch support; heel pad and metatarsal pad the elements of the magic formula for relaxed feet.

Your shoes are ready for an update with pedag Viva® High made of fine, vegetable tanned cowhide. It feels wonderfully smooth but is still robust and absorbent. An effective active carbon filter ensures a hygienic climate in the shoe, even after a long day.

You have a high longitudinal arch, also called a contracted foot or pes cavus foot, and are looking for a foot support that offers you the support you need?  pedag Viva® High is your must-have –   The special foot support.

Unisex. Sizes from 36 to 46

Hand Made

Made in Germany









36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46