Full Length Foot Support with Heel Cup for children.


Pedag JOY soft and light supportive insole for your kids

Do you remember what it was like when you first touched your baby’s naked feet? The soft skin, the little toes? Just real works of art! And they evolve rapidly.

Your children’s feet need careful support with a foot support for children’s shoes. Especially when the little ones’ paths become longer, elastic support can be important. At the same time, the children’s foot support pedag JOY completely covers the heel and gives little adventurers between 2 and 10 years a secure hold.

The surface made of fine nubuck leather is pleasant on bare skin, non-slip and keeps small feet hygienically dry.

Pedag JOY, the removable foot support for the child’s shoe, supports the natural movement of the foot and prevents the foot from bending inwards. Content one pair

Made in Germany


24/26, 27/29, 30/32, 33/35