Plastic Shoehorn with Marble Look


Handy short shoehorn

Durable Short Shoehorn 

  • 15 cm long in marble colour
  • Ideal for travelling.
  • Makes it easier to put on the shoe.
  • Protects shoes and stockings.
  • Prevents the heel cap from bending over.
  • Made in Italy.

Small, but fine! The 15 cm long plastic shoehorn in a marble look makes it easier to put on shoes conveniently. The elegant little one among the shoehorns for everyone who likes it practically to use anywhere. Always ready to hand shoehorn is a perfect accessary when travelling, but also at home.

If you use a shoehorn when putting the shoes on, you don’t press down the heel cap and the shaft edge of the shoe with your heel. This prevents wrinkles and keeps the toe cap stable for longer.

Also, your feet and stockings will be protected, because when you use a shoehorn, the heel does not rub against the shoe edge and the stockings are not overstretched.




16 cm, 15 cm, 42 cm, 56 cm


black, red, blue, Assorted Colours, Marbled