Pedag PERFECT – Heel Cushion


Heel Cushion made of  Soft foam and Genuine Leather


Pedag PERFECT Soft heel cushion pad made of Sheepskin leather and latex cushioning pad.

PERFECT soft heel pads gently cushion your stressed heels and relieve heel pain. Also helpful for perfect size fitting and comfortable walking.

  • Cushions the stressed heel
  • Prevent and relieve heel pain
  • Alleviate knee, hip joints and spine pain when walking on hard floors
  • Heel pad stays in place with the self-adhesive point
  • Extra-soft latex pad
  • Genuine leather top

The soft latex cushions the heel and absorbs the impact. This relieves not only the heel, but also the entire foot, knee and hip joints. Genuine leather absorbs moisture. Especially for shoes with hard heels, a heel cushion brings a certain extra comfort into the shoe. 

European Sizing: S = 35/37, M = 38/40, L = 41/43, XL = 44/46    

Made in Germany by Pedag


S, M, L, XL