Pedag QUEEN- Thin and narrow insole with Metatarsal padding


Thin, Light and Narrow Foot Support for Splayfeet.


QUEEN Splayfoot Support from Pedag

Leather high heel insole with pronounced metatarsal pad to relieve painful splayfoot & Hallux Valgus symptoms.

  • Cushioning metatarsal pad for pronounced splayfoot
  • Ideal for high heels, pumps with heel and open shoes
  • Narrow and thin
  • Ultra light and takes a little space inside the shoe
  • Self-adhesive; holds securely in the shoe thanks to full-surface adhesive foil
  • Genuine leather

Splayfoot complaints with burning foot balls and aching feet can spoil the most beautiful day. Walking becomes torture, the feet quickly become tired. The pedag Queen splayfoot support is first aid for splayfoot complaints: Thanks to the integrated metatarsal pad, it supports the anatomically correct position of the metatarsals and can thus relieve pain.

With pedag Queen made of fine leather you can feel that desired comfort even in narrow shoes, because it is particularly light and thin and very narrowly cut. It does not wear out in pumps, sandals & high heels, but still provides optimum comfort and relief from splayfoot complaint

Discover the secret of relaxed feet 

Made in Germany


35/36, 37/38, 39/40, 41/42