Pedag BAMBINI (3/4 length flexible arch support for kids)


Flexible Foot Support for children’s shoes


Pedag BAMBINI for kids’ healthy feet

The gentle foot support is particularly flexible and elastic and supports the natural movement of the foot – These features of pedag Bambini help prevent mal-positioning. The heel pad gives support to the heel while the longitudinal arch support prevents the foot from bending inwards. The toe area keeps all the space they need.

The fine, vegetable tanned cowhide is very absorbent and breathable leather. It absorbs moisture and keeps the kids’ feet dry and hygienic.

Children are always on the move – pedag Bambini can support and protect their feet.

The first steps in a child’s life are the most exciting and every step means a new experience. Pedag BAMBINI gently supports young and old explorers between 2 and 10 years of age in their everyday adventures and helps their feet to grow healthily.

Made in Germany



24/25, 26/27, 28/29, 30/31, 32/33, 34/35