Pedag HIGH LIFE Gel Half Insole


Invisible Gel Half Insoles


  • Cushions the forefoot
  • Cushions the step
  • Compensates for intermediate sizes
  • Invisible in the shoe
  • Anatomically shaped
  • Hand washable, vegan

In high heels and pumps the balls of your feet have a lot to carry. Give yourself that extra bit of comfort with pedag High Life, the beauty helper against burning balls of the foot. The gel half insoles cushion sensitive balls of the foot and prevent burning feet. Just the right thing for a long day on high heels! Also suitable to improve fit of in between sizing and for people with narrow forefeet.

Just put it in the front of the shoe and feel good! The self-adhesive pads fit perfectly when the dotted markings lightly touch the inner lining of the shoe. When they no longer adhere so well: Simply rinse under clear water and they stick where they belong. 

One size Content one pair  Made in Germany by Pedag