Pedag ANTISTATIC PLUS Foot Support for Boots & Work Shoes

$34.95 $29.95

The Functional Light Weight Safety Foot Support for Work Shoes and Boots.



Pedag Antistatic Plus is a safety foot support with added comfort. Protective workwear which is essential when working in areas that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge

pedag Antistatic Plus significantly increases comfort and hygiene in work shoes thanks to the EVA foot support and a shock absorbing layer.

Functional antistatic fibers maintain the antistatic equipment of work shoes and boots while the form cushions impacts and loads providing more comfort in work boots.

The anatomically shaped foot support with longitudinal arch support and light metatarsal pad supports, relieves and prevents fatigue. In addition, a heel cup and heel cushioning distribute the impact energy over a large area. The antistatic foot support protects the spine and joints.

The active carbon filter integrated into the foot support also eliminates foot odour. This keeps your feet pleasantly fresh – even after a long day on your feet. .

  • Relieves the arch of the foot
  • Cushions the splayfoot
  • Cushions the heel
  • Effective against foot odor
  • Shock-absorbing and stabilizing
  • Antistatic functional fiber
  • Vegan

Protective workwear is essential when working in areas that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge (e.g. computer centres, computer chip production, CD production or potentially explosive atmospheres).

The functional and feather-light foot support, ANTISTATIC PLUS from pedag Germany, is such a piece of work safety, because it maintains the antistatic effect of a protective shoe.




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