Pedag Gelaxy – Cushioning gel Insole

$44.00 $37.95

Soft Gel Pad for Extra Comfort in High Heeled Shoes.


GELAXY hand washable gel insole for sports and leisure footwear

Pedag GELAXY is specially made to cope with stressed feet. The Viscoelastic gel insole reduces the impact on joints, ligaments and spine by cushioning the foot. The velvety soft microfiber velour absorbs foot moisture. Works as an all-round insole for work, leisure and sports.

  • soft microfiber velour
  • hand washable, vegan
  • conveniently trimmable
  • supports the arch of the foot.
  • cushions the forefoot.
  • cushions the heel.
  • viscoelastic gel

Made in Germany


36/37, 38/39, 40/41, 42/43, 44/45