BRILLIANT Lambskin Polishing Glove


The Genuine Lambskin Glove which Cares Shoes and Bags

Brilliant polishing glove from pedag brings shoes made of smooth leather to a high gloss. Care for even the most sensitive smooth leather surfaces.

• Polishing Glove made of Genuine Lambskin
• Fluffy and soft surface gives high gloss
• Efficient and light weight

The snuggle glove for your shoes makes polishing very simple, saves your valuable time and brings amazing result. The fluffy-soft lambskin polishes leather to a high gloss with your favourite shoe cream.

The glove encloses the whole hand, so you can perfectly clean and polish the shoes with full power and reach everywhere without getting your hands dirty.

In between leather care applications, a quick buffing with BRILLANT makes your shoes or bags looking good.

BRILLANT Polishing Glove and leather care cream are a top duo when travelling – both fit in a very small space in every travel bag and together provide brilliant shine.

Premium quality polishing glove made of the finest lambskin and leather is suitable for your brand of bags as well.

Weight 0.017 kg
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 1 cm