Pedag STABIL – Firm Heel Lift


Anatomically Shaped Heel Bed


Pedag STABIL Heel Lift

Anatomically shaped heel bed gently lifts the heel, relieves the Achilles tendon and compensates different length of legs. Also helps wonderfully against shoes rubbing the ankle thanks to the elevation. Absorbs the moisture of the foot, thus contributing to a healthy inner shoe climate.

  • Lifts and cushions the heels
  • Alleviates the tendons, helps with Achilles tendon complaints
  • Suitable for leg length compensation when inserted on one side
  • The anatomical shape gives support to the heel
  • Made of fine, handpicked cowhide leather
  • The heel wedge adheres securely to the shoe, Self-adhesive

Sizes: S = 35-37, M = 38-40, L = 41-43, XL = 44-46 Content one pair

Made in Germany



S, M, L, XL