Toe Separator from Pedag


Gel Toe Protectors


Gel Toe Separator

Pressure protection made of gel

The Pedag toe Separators relieve pain by protecting  closely lying toes.

The product is also ideal for pressure points, blisters and corns.

Hand washable, hygienic and durable.

European sizes: S/M (35/40) and L (41/46)

The pedag toe dividers protect closely lying toes from friction and can thus relieve pain.

The soft toe protection is also ideal for corns, blisters and pressure points and also after operations accompanying with athlete’s foot treatment. 

Toes are a problem area for many people: Too tight shoes, wrong walking or even genetic predisposition can lead to toes sliding over each other or lying too close together. Gel Toe Separator protects tight-fitting toes from friction and thus prevents pain. You can trust in the reliable protection of the soft and hygienic gel of the pedag toe separator.

Perfect also after a surgery on the toe or during a treatment against foot fungus.

Made in Germany by Pedag


S/M, L