Toe Spreader from Pedag


Gel Toe Protectors


Gel Toe Spreader

Pressure protection made of gel

The Pedag toe Spreader  corrects malposition and protects against friction 

Use in case of toes lying in top of each other or close together

Hand washable, hygienic and durable.

European sizes: S/M (35/40) and L (41/46)

pedag toe spreaders correct and protect displaced, very close fitting toes or toes standing on top of each other. This minimizes the risk of foot fungus between the toes and prevents friction, which could lead to unpleasant injuries.

pedag toe spreaders can also be used to correct deformities on the ball of the foot.

The soft and hygienic gel spreads the toes gently – so that you feel comfortable in your shoes, even when wearing the toe protection. After wearing, the gel returns to its original form and is ready for the next use after washing with clear water.

Made in Germany by Pedag


S/M, L