VIVA LOW Supports Low Arched Feet

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High-quality Leather insole with Low-Arch Supports for stability.


Pedag VIVA LOW spread-foot & flatfoot shoe orthotic for stability

Soft cushioning natural leather orthotic with pronounced metatarsal pad for splayfoot & fallen arches. Relieves discomfort & soreness, prevents heel, knee & back pain. Designed for feet with Low Arches. Content one pair

  • Makes your shoe a healthy shoe for your well-being
  • Fits perfectly in sneakers & lace up shoes
  • Supports & cushions the sensitive zones of your foot
  • With pronounced metatarsal pad & low profiled longitudinal arch
  • Cushions the heel
  • Provides stability when standing and walking
  • Selected cowhide; breathable, absorbent & long lasting

Many people with lowered arches are looking for a foot support that relieves the foot over its entire surface and cushions it softly. The wellness foot support pedag Viva® Low fulfils the special criteria that sensitive feet place on an insole.

Pedag Viva® Low helps the foot with a soft cushion that runs over the entire surface. The longitudinal arch support is also particularly flexible, which relieves the strained foot; heel cushioning and metatarsal pad provide additional relaxation.

Pedag Viva® Low made of fine and breathable cowhide (vegetable tanned) is the wellness accessory for people with a flat longitudinal arch. Viva® Low…supports relaxed feet.

Hand made

Made in Germany




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